PABCO Building Products Divisions

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PABCO Gypsum

PABCO Gypsum believes quality and craftsmanship make a difference in your projects.  Our complete line of gypsum products is used in virtually all types of construction from residential to high-rise structures.

Our stable of gypsum wallboard products includes lines of Flame Curb®, Sound Curb™, Abuse Curb®, Impact Resistant, PABCO Glass® and QuietRock® products.

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PABCO Paper manufactures a variety of products in multiple grades and calipers to meet the needs of the manufacturing and packaging industries. Using a combination of pre- and post-consumer waste, we produce quality stock for a variety of end-uses.

Gypsum Liner (wallboard paper)

We produce a full array of Gypsum Liners, including Creamface, Greyback, Mold-Resistant grades, and other specialty products to be is used in wallboard products.

Chip/Trim/Sheeting/Pink and Linerboard

Chip, trim, and sheeting are often used as packing cardboard such as separating bottles in a box. They are also used to create tubes, cores, and corner protectors.  Pink is typically used in bakery boxes and linerboard is used in corrugated boxes.
We also produce a wide range of Chip products including Plain, Bending, Laminating, and Partition Chip in the caliper range of 12 pt to 40 pt.

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PABCO Roofing Products

Our PABCO Roofing plant in Tacoma produces 10 different lines of asphalt shingles including our patented Cascade shingle.  Our diverse asphalt shingle product line ranges from architectural laminated shapes to versatile 3 tab designs.   A full range of hues is available across the lines, sure to meet any design need.

We can also provide ridge, cap, and starter materials that match, for your next roofing project.