Pabco Paper


PABCO Paper manufactures a variety of products in multiple grades and calipers to meet the needs of the manufacturing and packaging industries. Using a combination of pre- and post-consumer waste, we produce quality stock for a variety of end-uses.

Gypsum Liner (wallboard paper)

We produce a full array of Gypsum Liners, including Creamface, Greyback, Mold-Resistant grades, and other specialty products to be is used in wallboard products.

Chip/Trim/Sheeting/Pink and Linerboard

Chip, trim, and sheeting are often used as packing cardboard such as separating bottles in a box. They are also used to create tubes, cores, and corner protectors.  Pink is typically used in bakery boxes and linerboard is used in corrugated boxes.
We also produce a wide range of Chip products including Plain, Bending, Laminating, and Partition Chip in the caliper range of 12 pt to 40 pt.