Corporate Volunteers

Giving, it is said, is its own reward. But when people join hands to help someone else, something else happens. President Dave Luchetti has seen this first hand. 
“What is especially pleasing to me,” he observes, “is to see that our employees enjoy being together and working on a community outreach project. Their camaraderie is always apparent. It gives me a great sense of pride in our employees.” 

“It is especially touching that whenever children are involved, the cause is guaranteed to be successful,” Lucchetti adds. “Whether the request involves a donation of food and clothing, or gifts of dolls and stuffed animals, or giving up a weekend to help paint the house of someone in need, our employees are willing to give.” 

Pacific Coast employees are involved in a wide variety of charities, community improvement events and projects all year round. Many employees throughout the corporation volunteer or serve on nonprofit organization boards and committees. The Pacific Coast Community Service Committee helps our locations develop activities at their sites. From Paint The Town, to the American Lung Association of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails Bike Trek, to full branch participation in the company’s Adopt-A-Family program, and other numerous group events in every community, our employees believe in giving back to the communities that support us.